Monday, February 27, 2012

And my Oscar bet goes to...

Hey this is not a ploy to lure you into my music box appreciation endeavor. It really has something to do with the Oscars. You see, this music box I'm featuring comes from an Academy Award winning film. Spirited Away won the Best Animated Feature award at the 75th Academy Awards. It remains the highest grossing film in Japan and one of my most favorite films of all time. Naturally, the music box above is one of my favorites too, it plays the song "Itsumo Nandodemo"

Enough of the music box, in a couple of hours, the 84th Academy Awards ceremony will start. But not without my predictions (LOL). I've already placed a bet with my sister and I'm really excited. I'm just rooting for Hugo this year, but I thought it would be good to post my other predictions based on the films I've seen. Too bad, I have not seen all the films with nomination, it would be a fun exercise of my judgement on people's creativity. Anyway, I'll just place my predictions in some major categories.

The films with nominations I've seen so far:

The Artist
The Help
The Descendants
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Albert Nobbs
Margin Call

Best Supporting Actress - This is the only category where I've seen all the performance of the nominees, and my bet goes to Octavia Spencer. Because she's the one that moved me the most.

Best Supporting Actor - the complete opposite of the previous category, none of the nominees made it to my eyes, I should have removed this from my list, but I'll make an exception. I think it'll be Christopher Plummers, because Ellen said so.

Best Actress - I'm torn between Glenn Close and Viola Davis, both characters welled me into tears, but I'll probably go for Close, I mean she's been nominated many times but never bagged the award, it's high time for her to get it, I thought her performance in Albert Nobbs was really amazing.

Best Actor - Gary Oldman. To be honest, I had a tough time understanding Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but if I would compare his performance with George Clooney and Jean Duajrdin, he's the best.

Best Director - Martin Scorsese, there's no explanation needed for this director, but then again, with all the nods The Artist are getting, it'll probably go to Michel Hazanavicius.

Bes Picture - Hands down to Hugo! I'm thinking that there's a 90% chance that The Artist will take the award because every prediction I've read points to that direction, but Hugo remains my favorite, so... Don't get me wrong okay, I loved The Artist, I think it's great that a silent film is getting this much attention, it can lead to production of more silent films in the future, surely not as much as it used to, but a few would do. But still, I feel very strong for Hugo.

You might think I have a pretty silly reasoning with my bets. The thing is, I've not seen all the films with nomination. Besides, to each his own and these predictions are mine. So what's your bet?