Monday, February 28, 2011

Trip to Little Tokyo

I've been meaning to dine in Little Tokyo in Makati ever since I saw it many years ago. Back in the days when I frequent Makati Cinema Square, when there was still Feata Bookstore, it was where I get original Japanese manga. Little Tokyo is a compound of Japanese Restaurants, and I knew back then that they are pricey so I didn't get the chance to try it. 10 years after, I finally
got to try it. My friend Mike had been there and he gave me a good feedback. So last weekend, we went there with my friend Sherry and her boyfriend Lester.

The moment I entered the compound premise, I immediately felt the Japanese ambiance that I don't normally feel in other Japanese restaurants that I've been to. With Mike's suggestion, we chose to go to Kagura. It appears to be famous for okonomiyaki, every customer ordered it. They also have a tatami area, where you can sit and eat the traditional Japanese style (lotus position), but under the table is a cavity where you can extend your legs, in case you prefer to sit the normal way. While waiting for the food, I knew I was in for an authentic Japanese food because we were the only Filipino customers inside. There's a small TV that shows a Japanese sports channel. The owner must be a Hanshin Tigers (baseball team) fan, the whole place is decorated with various Tigers memorabilia. Good thing I was wearing my Onitsuka Tiger sneakers so I felt right at home hehehe. I wanted to take pictures, but I was so worried that I'd look like some kind of weirdo so I refrain and just took some shots that wasn't so attention grabbing.

The food was good, the okonomiyaki was great. I really had nothing to compare it to. Unless I go to Japan, I wouldn't know how authentic Japanese cuisine should really taste. I'm only judging it base on the demography of customers. I only had 3 things to critic, first is the payment method. I wish they accept credit cards. The food is pricey and I seldom bring cash, I have a paperless culture and always rely on my magic card every time I go out. Thank goodness for this occasion, my instinct told me to bring cash so I was saved from humiliation. The second one is I wish the place had more space, by the time we left, the place was already jam packed. And third, I wish they'd serve desserts. I always wanted to end my meal with something sweet. I mean, sure they served a complimentary orange fruit, nicely peeled and segmented, but again, I was hoping to try Japanese desserts.

Good thing there was a convenience store beside it, and boy was I happy to find that they sell Sakuma bonbon candies. The tin cans have different packaging art from the one in Graveyard of the Fireflies, but who cares about that now, I'm just happy I got me bonbon candies. I also bought a Meiji pudding, which is insanely good. See, that's what I say when I want to end my meal with sweets. Overall, my trip to Little Tokyo didn't disappoint, and I'm definitely going back! Next time, I'm gonna try the takoyaki.


Yojichan said...

The last time I was in Little Tokyo was on a date for my birthday. I remember I had sushi. I was so excited and the ambiance is really different from other so-called Japanese restos around. I think I should check out this place you went to. The okonomiyaki looks divine. waaah! did the konbini carry Doraemon bonbon candies too?

kidd said...

Yes it's really different, but too pricey for me. Ah walang doraemon bonbon candies =(