Monday, February 28, 2011

I did my obligatory trip to Mercury drug last Tuesday to buy toothpaste. Not that we are out of supply, but I couldn't put it off any later because that was day my Citibank charge slip discount would expire. It's a Citibank promo where I can get discount to Mercury Drug or Rustans for the amount I purchased using my card. Ever since my dental extraction, I pledged to STRICTLY follow the recommended three times a day tooth brushing. I have to be honest, I get so lazy at times that I put off brushing my teeth. I'm pretty confident that I'm not the only one hehehe. So when I shop for toothpaste, I made sure that I won't have any excuse to brush my teeth wherever I'm at. I bought 4 pieces.

One for the house, it's a back up for myself in case my sister Ivy takes the family toothpaste upstairs. The second is for my work place, the third and the fourth goes to my bag so even when I'm on the move, I have something to use. Absolutely NO EXCUSE!

The only thing is, I also bought chocolates for MYSELF, and don't forget that I still have my bonbon candies which may not be very healthy for my teeth. But give me a break, what is life without candies and chocolates?

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Yojichan said...

I like your toothpaste compartmentalizing. Haha! I should do that too.