Thursday, February 03, 2011


It's unbelievably cold these days. I honestly prefer cold wheather, but not when I'm sick... and I am. I have cold -sniff- that gives me headache and I still have this recurring toothache that I need to deal with until I decide to go back to the dentist.

And then I have other things going on my head that I wish I'm strong enough to keep on moving on. Welcome to my gloomy February.

Did you know that today is the day the music died? As Don Mclean puts it:

but February made me shiver
with every paper I deliver
bad news on the doorstep
I couldn't take one more step

Dear friends, I am hopeful but I need prayers and hugs...


Yojichan said...

*hugs* get better, Kid. Odaijini! advance happy birthday and advance congratulations to your brother's wedding.

kidd said...

thanks Aish -hugsniff-