Thursday, October 09, 2008

My laptop is broke and it really depressed me to the bone -super sad face-...It just won't turn on and I have no idea what happened. Why of all things, does it have to happen to my laptop? It could have been my phone, or -thinks other owned gadgets- my phone? Well that's life. I haven't taken it to the ASUS service center, I'm afraid it'll really cost me huhuhu. Now my only gateway to the newest manga is temporarily closed. How can fate be so cruel to me despite my everyday generosity??? (Ren: echos!!!) -sigh-

Anyways, I'm really thankful to this mushrooming Tokyopop manga bargains. My consumer impulse increased to 100% and I develop the need to visit every National Bookstore and Booksale in town despite their crappy customer service. I wish Booksale would drop down their prices for the manga because they have better titles than NBS. The only bad thing about this is the greater chances of manga going mainstream in the Philippines. It's actually a good thing in a way, but I would still prefer it be just a subculture -meanie me!-

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