Sunday, October 12, 2008

blog plug

I found myself drawn to ever since I received a forwarded email from my brother. It archives (since 1996) pictures of poorly translated signs, menus, and instruction manuals to bizarrely worded ads and strange, t-shirt, and slogans. It had become a routinary stop whenever I had the opportunirty to access the web. The funny thing about it is that those grammatical, typographical or spelling errors give another whole new meaning to the phrase. And yes, they sounded really silly hehehe. I hope I don't look silly laughing out loud all alone because of these hehehe:

I'm sure I won't buy it

They grow up fast!

Okay I don't want to grab everything there. Better if you'll check the site. The blog section is also worth the check. Okay that's it, I can't stop laughing!

Don't you think it's amazing that Filipinos are very good with English?

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