Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been wondering why after a series of trivial dreams -a friend playing Scrabble with my kins, a 5 year old Japanese girl which I don't even know if she exist, a not so possible scene from a popular American TV series, myself waiting for a cab in front of our house at 6:45 AM- ended the week with a very heavy dream -United Nations announced that we're officially having a World War 3! That's not really good for -ahem- a pacifist like me. In the end, I can only associate it with my recurring dreams of apocalypse theme. Dreams that made me pray and repent the moment I wake up. Then last night, as if Mr. Sandman was trying to make ammends with me, I dreamed about a particular scene from Cooking Masterboy which stimulated my appetite for Crab Omelette all day long. As of this moment, I'm still thinking about TRYING to make a Crab Omelette. One of these days I swear...

Don't you think it's amazing how dreams can affect one's behavior for a certain period of time? I've been writing down these dreams in my planner, who knows, they might be pieces of puzzle to my soul searching mission. Right Morpheous?

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