Thursday, September 18, 2008

Manga, manga, manga!!!

I started my otakuness with anime but for the past couple of years, I feel like I am more addicted to manga. It really happens, a lot of fandoms (here) practically started from anime. What about manga, it doesn't really make any difference does it? The thing is, I feel like I can't enjoy an anime based from a manga that i have RECENTLY read. Okay that's exaggerating, not that I can enjoy, but it's not as exciting if I watch anime without a manga background. Or, the new policy would be to give it sometime for me to wash the memory before I watch the anime version. However, there's a big difference if it's the other way around. If I watch the anime version first, I am guaranteed to enjoy the manga version with the same level of reading it for the first time like I have no idea what's gonna happen. Perfect examples are Rurouni Kenshin, Yuyu Hakusho, Card Captor Sakura... I can't remember how many times I watched these animes before I got a hold of their manga version and there are very slight differences in storylines, but damn, when I was reading them, it was as if I never knew what's gonna happen.
Does it make any sense?
What an introduction, when all I wanted to say was that I'm so happy that I finally get to download the recent releases of TRC and XXX Holic... And that I'm so sad that HXH haven't returned from its "NTH" hiatus ='(... It's really depressing because it doesn't feel like the story is near its conclusion yet it had to undergo with so many breaks. It was said that it was due to Yoshihiro Togashi's uncertain illness. Whatever it is, I pray that he recovered completely...

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