Tuesday, March 08, 2011

soup anyone?

It has been a weekly habit. But I gotta say, I am so hooked. I am in love with the new item on Pizza Hut Bistro's menu. The Pumpkin Bacon soup. I've always loved soup and order one every time I go on a fine dining in. You don't normally see them on fast food that's why. But I love soup. Though I usually crave for it when I'm sick, I'd often go to Soup Kitchen, but now the branch in Megamall is gone, I had to settle with French Baker's soup of the day in a bread bowl. Then last February, Pizza Hut Bistro launched their latest product, and it was just love!


Yojichan said...

I love soup too especially when it's hearty. I love seafood corn chowder soup. Sinigang. Miso soup. Knorr chicken noodle soup. Have you tried clam chowder soup in a can? OMG! It's evil!

kidd said...

Clam chowder? Not yet, but will try that sometime. I love the Knorr Nido soup