Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Freedom Day! But I’m not discussing that please, I’m not a patriot. It’s a general knowledge that I have the least concern for this freaky nation hehehe. It’s the 7th day of my vacation and so far so good. It’s not like I’m having a great time but at least I’m having a break. Besides, there’s this old saying that there’s no place like home. For the past seven days I’ve been busy eating, sleeping, watching anime, reading books, eating sleeping, tending my collection, eating, sleeping, bullying my nephew Alfrei, daydreaming, eating, sleeping, browsing my college and high school papers, eating, sleeping… simply put, it’s a lazy (rather dysfunctional) man’s role hehehe… at least my vacation served its purpose. Whenever feasible, I’d borrow my mom’s or siblings’ mobile phone to put my SIM card to check any important messages. But then I’d end up texting my friends and therefore I fail my mission to totally get away from the busy city. I guess I’m not so used with a loner’s life anymore huh. Or I simply had to admit that I miss them hehe. Whatever, I’m getting my cellphone a battery as soon as I get back. Toycon is fast approaching and there’s no way I’d attend without a camera and a phone.

I’m currently reading “Dreaming Pachinko” by Isaac Adamson. His novels chronicle the adventures of an American journalist slash amateur detective Billy Chaka in ultramodern Japan. I can’t help comparing this to Rowland’s Sano Ichiro but a hilarious one, and the protagonist is a gaijin. Also, Sano is a professional detective while Chaka is not. I’ve learned a very interesting information. A film is being made based from Chaka’s first installment “Tokyo Suckerpunch” which will be released in 2008. Billy Chaka will be portrayed by Tobey Maguire which really surprised me because I never imagined Billy that cute! Hahaha but this is really something for me to look forward to next year… if I’d still be breathing hehehe.

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