Monday, November 28, 2005

It’s Sunday alright, what am I doing here in the office? Well, unfortunate events happen you know. Yesterday, while at the “kAME Ulit Intercollegiate Anime Fair”, I had my stomach screaming in pain, okay that’s exaggerated, but the pain was really intolerable that I decided to go to MDH and have myself check. I was taken at the emergency room. It was unfortunate because I didn’t get to finish the event and hang out at Chris’ place, but I’d rather call it a blessing in disguise, for I got to now people who truly care for me. Mike, despite the several months that we haven’t seen each other and the rare communications, was still caring for me as ever. He accompanied me to the hospital until I’m okay. Dr. Dindee Hogar, went all the way from her house to the hospital, to watch over me. She slept here in the hospital, I know how busy she was (we call her Dr. Haggard hehehe) but she had the time to accompany me. I was really touched. And of course my boss Ma’am She and our NP Coordinator Ma’am Len, they were in a strat planning in Antipolo, but they were so concerned and helped me in anyway they can (they called Dr. Hogar). Well what do you know, the ER officer-on-duty said that it was just APD (hyperacidity) hehehe. I had CBC and urinalysis, all the results were normal. Whew! Anyway, for these people who were very concerned about me, thank you so much (“,x)…

Now, with my update on the recent UPAME Fair, it was really a blast. I got there without the hassle of falling in-line and registering because of my advance ticket, which I bought last HERO event. When I got in, I saw bunch of cosplayers already. Man, it was only then that I realized how big this event was because there were really vast nmber of cosplayers, the last number I could remember was 170+. The Naruto Cospalyers were still dominant, but had subsided compared to the HERO event. This time it’s raining Tifa Lockhart hahaha! The Aerith cosplayer I met at HERO event cosplayed Tifa this time. Chris and Aish went with their Loveless couple cosplay, they were really cute and I’m proud to announce that they won 3rd place! These two hot people have a long way to go hehehe. It was really notable that the anime characters from different anime varied greatly this time. The group cosplay was also great, there were the X, TRC, FMA, Naruto, and Robert Wong’s group (I don’t know what anime they are from, but they are in armors again) are some of the groups I could remember. I gave my salute to all the cosplayers! They all did a good job. There were also more number of booths and freebies compared to last year. The “kAME Ulit” was really a success. I’d give it a rating of 8 out of 10 (because I didn’t finish the event and I didn’t get to cosplay hehehe)

Now on some side-stories, I feel glad that I have established myself (even just a little) in the anime community. There were young girls who took pic of me even though I didn’t cosplay, they recognized me as Soujiro, yay! Way to go Seta-kun! I also saw Kara’s friends, I feel bad that I didn’t recognize them, if they didn’t tell me that they were friends of Kara, I wouldn’t know. I have a bad memory, shame on Kid! Anyway, I’ll try to be more retentive with people’s faces. But I knew that they were Jamie and Berna. Of course there was Maui-chan whom I haven’t seen for a log time. Anyways, all this young girls I have mentioned are all fans of Soujiro Seta. I really thank Seta-kun, I met a lot of nice people because of him hehehe. I miss wearing his costune, someday I’ll wear it again I promise…

Another cute story, when I got in, the very first person I saw was Mido Ban, and it was really timely because I have to give him the Initial D DVD which Nagi handed to me when we met the night before the event. We talked very shortly, then only a few seconds after we parted, Lee texted me that Mido Ban is not coming hahaha! Very funny, last year on the same event, these three people went in UP together. This time, I sense a gap between them. I might be wrong… but I miss their tandem. And besides, if there’s anyone in this community I’d want to talk to, it’s Mido Ban… because there are so many things I want to ask him. But maybe, it’s best not to…

Okay, that’d be all for now, I can’t think of anything to say now. Oh yeah, it’s a holiday tomorrow, but we have a field trip for our History of Arts 2 class so I’ll be out tomorrow. My cousin Jona will be coming back to the place were renting, it’ll be a congestive sleeping life for me again but nevertheless I’m very happy. (“,x)

Friday, November 18, 2005

I can breath now....

Haay, it’s been a while eh?! I’ve been very busy the last few days. I never got the chance to tell what happened last November 13 at the Hero TV day event. I went on with my cosplay plan as Uchiha Sasuke. Man it’s raining Sasuke (and other Naruto cosplayers) there. I think I spotted 6 or 7 Sasuke, including myslef *sigh* and it’s kinda intimidating because I didn’t get to furnish my costume… first I don’t have the bandage on my lower hind limbs. Then I don’t have the Uchiha clan logo at the back of my shirt. Lastly, I don’t have enough props, I was only able to buy the kunai at the Comic Alley booth… I don’t have shurikens… but one thing I could say, I am a bishie Sasuke hehehe. The Sasuke who won the “most accurate” award was also bishonen, and he's my favorite sasuke cosplayer hehehe (see pics). Another thing, it’s raining bishonen cosplayer hehehe… the female Naruto cosplayer, the black Sasuke (both female), my favorite Sasuke(his real name is miguel)… and of course my favorite cosplayer, Kadaj! His name is Michael Chua, he’s so cute, and he definitely has a lot of fans there hehehe. He was a finalist on the first day of the event. It’s kinda new for me to go on an event and join the cosplay without my friends with me, but I went on just fine and i'm thankful that i'm starting to overcome my stage fright. And contrary to what Chris had told me last Saturday, I enjoyed HERO TV day. My only regret was that I didn’t get to register as a member of HERO TV club or whatever that is. Attendees are required to register otherwise they can’t enter the event. But being a cosplayer gave me the privilege of passing the back entrance (exclusive for cosplayers and organizers) without going through the process for regular attendees. And being alone in this event left me no choice but to mingle with other cosplayers which I actually enjoyed. I roamed and roamed around, had pics with other cosplayers. I bought a personalized souvenir badge pin at Comic Alley booth, advance ticket for UPAME fair on Nov. 26, and of course the Kunai. I didn’t get to eat lunch, the food were expensive although they don’t look like they would pass my taste buds hehehe. I also got a Sasuke keychain (freebies for cosplayers)… the event finished at around 5:00 PM. Then I headed back to office…

*sigh* our ISO Certification audit was the next day (Monday) so I had to work. The last three days, were the longest days I’ve been awake, I’m working for STRAIGHT 24 hours! Then I’d sleep for 2-3 hours, then work again…. Man I was really really exhausted. And now the audit is over, I can have longer sleep again, whew… and I can go back to school, yay, I’ve been absent for one week already, damn I have to catch up! The good news, our Hospital will be certified!!!! Whooot!!!! After so many sleepless nights! I’m so happy that our efforts paid off. But it isn’t time to fully celebrate, we have 4 minor NCs to close, which I know my boss can take care of hehehe. What I’m looking forward now is the UPAME fair, because I intend to push through with my Subaru plans. I’ll just have to decide which of Subaru’s outfit would I wear hehehe. I heard that there’ll be group cosplayers of X and Tsubasa Chronicles, I hope it’s true, can’t wait to mingle with them, after all, Subaru appeared in both series hehehe. Yay, it’ll be raining CLAMP!

I'm posting some of my Sasuke pics now, enjoy! (",x)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are secretly sensitive, but you often put up a front.
Shy and private, you yearn for security.
You take relationships slowly.
You need lots of reassurances before you can trust.

2nd sem!

haay, it's the start of 2nd semester... back to cramming... expect that i'd get tanned again. I still got the same sched, except that my sundays would be free, because my NSTP's Prof remarked "dropped" in my class card hehehe... no big deal really... it's a good thing that i'd get 1 of my rest day back hehehe. The important thing is that i passed my major subjects. =)

I noticed that our class had reduced, then i learned from FA dept. head that around 40% of my classmates has not yet enrolled yet... if they have plans of enrolling, then that'd be just fine. If not, i feel sorry for them. I didn't see Emard. He's one of the outstanding FA students we got, I hope he won't stop this sem... it happens a lot, students dropping school due to financial reasons.

I have to say, I missed my classmates especially my 'yoyo' buddy, Mark. I'm happy to see them again and it feels good to be in school again hehehe... but this means more hectc days to come (damn, i didn't even feel i had a break!)

well, great news, 2 Anime events coming for this month! I already knew about the UPAME event on Nov. 26 but the Hero TV on Nov. 12-13 was such a short notice, or was i just too busy to read the notice hehehe... Damn! I wanted to cosplay Subaru Sumeragi so badly but i really have no time. I only have sasuke as my ace, good thing i bought his costume... but i still don't know if i'll make it. Most probably i could attend, but cosplay, my mind was set on Nov. 26 event... we'll see

Ah, good news, I asked for reservation for the Roy Mustang figure at SM Manila Toy department hehehe, i told the sales crew that i'd get it on Thurs! Can't wait to claim it! Also, I'm so happy to see another Laura Joh Rowland title at Book Mags! What a good start for the 2nd sem! Hope this goes on and on ^-^x

By the way, 12 hours to go and my cousin is getting married! Kanpai for Jona and Bong!!!!

take this test, here's what i got...

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