Saturday, December 22, 2007

The rest of 2oo7...

I don't really have much time to tell an epic now. I know I have a lot of stories to tell... I owe a lot from my blog hehehe. Definitely I'm missing a lot of updates in my life but I'm trying my best to catch up... a lot of pics to upload too -sigh-...

Anyway, everyone, we have 9 days to enjoy before moving forward to a new year. Let's all give our last blast. I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can because I feel that I may never have the time to do so in the coming year. So let me start with events!

2007 Komik Con - I barely last an hour, I didn't really plan on coming here...
Neil Gaiman in Manila - I sacrificed going to the UP-AME (can't go out in 2 consecutive days hehe) event just to see Gaiman! Too bad no book signing, but his words of wisdom of enough. He acknowledges the Filipino talent in writing! Way to go kabayans!!!

2007 Hanep Hataw Hero - I love the venue and the booths! They did a good job of making me feel to be in an "anime convention" - the loot bag and freebies was really something new. But still needs to improve on the program of activities... and the cosplay... well I didn't finish it, I can't find anything new.

Let's move on to the wedding bells, my friend Weng just got married to her long time boyfriend Ruel, and I'm really happy for her. While my eldest bro Richard will tying the knot next month! Now here's another significant event in the family, and don't get me started with reminiscing my childhood again hahaha!

And so far, what keeps me busy is the different Christmas parties that I attend... attending the parties at MDH makes me feel like i didn't really leave hehehe.

And yeah, Oliver got home and all I got from him are RK manga vol.3, coins (yen), ballpen from the Tokyo Motor Show, and chocolates. Well knowing him I really didn't expect anything hehe. I'm just thankful he's back safe. I love his laptop and it made me really feel I should upgrade my laptop soon hahaha...

Last but not the least, my Christmas Wishlist:

The Sandman library vol. 6-10
RK Manga vol.9, 20, 25-26
Clamp No Kiseki Vol.1-3
PG Wing 0 custom model kit