Saturday, July 14, 2007

so long...

Today is my last day of work in MDH. In 5 hours or so, it’ll be over. A couple of days ago, during my farewell party I confessed that I’m delighted to be honored but a little sad since I have to go. Surely I’ll miss everyone from the Hospital who, in one way or another, had touched my life. Honestly, I’m feeling bluer than ever, thinking I’m leaving a place I could call another home. But it’s inevitable if you have different aspirations. I have my reasons and I feel it’s high time that I leave and find the true path I’m seeking. Still, I’m thankful for almost 4 years of stay in MDH, it’s not always blissful. There were good and bad times. There were even moments that I couldn’t decide if I should be thankful or regretful. But the important thing is that I’ve learned a lot and meet different kinds of people.

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