Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Stuff and Hiatus announcement

Alright let's start with the Hiatus thingie. What a way to start the year, I finally brought my laptop to the service center, and unfortunately, the motherboard was damaged already and we all know that its better to buy a new unit than buy a replacement for the motherboard. Not bad, my laptop had done its job. It didn't only help me, it also helped a lot of people and was used on many important occasion. I don't have the budget to get a new lappie so there...So much for my cyberlife, it's gonna be on a LOOOOONGGG hiatus.

I was a little sad though.. When I decided to let it go, it felt like I parted with a very dear friend. Someone who had always been there on my loneliest hours. Oh well, nothing lasts forever especially gadgets!

I think I have this jinx with gadgets... my very first mobile phone died on me for no reason.. no symptoms, no warning, no whatever. Everything seemed fine, until one day, it just won't turn on. Just like my laptop.


So this will be the last post for now and I'm just gonna throw some random stuff since I can't think straight

Yesterday I went to Japan Foundation Manila Office library to claim my membership ID. They gave one free manga if you renewed membership. I was asked to choose from a stack of manga titles that I've never heard before. It's not a bad thing, I'm not after the freebies anyway. I'm after the exclusive invitations for events. But anyway, I chose a manga called "Otanko Nurse". It's about a newbie nurse. So I have a manga about a doctor (Black Jack), now I have a nurse manga. I'm gonna build a hospital in my manga collection haha..

My one month old niece, Rome. She's lovely, but I noticed that she frowns a lot. I wonder if that's normal.. I have to be honest though, I really prefer a nephew because I don't know how to get along with young girls, but I guess boys can't go on dominating the family hehehe. The important thing (as always) is that she's a normal healthy girl. Her dad preferred a girl. He said girls are more responsible. I absolutely agree!

My 8 month old nephew Mighael, he's so white! He's like a white bun so I gave him a secret name "Shiroman" (shiro manju = white bun).

And he loves gashapon too!

I promised Ren that I'd blog about this when I had the chance. He got admitted when he sprained his foot last month.

When I visited him, his wife offered me this iced coffee drink. She said it was good, but it's not!

It's the worst iced coffee drink I've ever tasted! Where did it come from?!? I don't blame his wife, we have different taste buds hehe. But if your taste buds happened to be just like mine, then I'm warning you to stay away from this drink. yuck!

Speaking of coffee, I did get a Starbucks planner. I want to thank my friends Frances and Ryan for their contribution to the stickers hahaha.

I was finally able to find a chess board for the CLAMP chess photoshoot. It was my cousin's. Thanks Butchoy! Here are all the pics I took.

At Greenbelt yesterday... I had a bad day, so I tried to calm myself here... I just love Greenbelt.

I saw this once I went to Robinsons Galleria. I never knew that MRT had a mascot and I find it really cute.

I saw this at "Confessions of Shopaholic" promotional installation at Shangri-la and find it really funny. A giant paperbag, I wish I had myself pictured with it but I was alone, so... I want to see this film. I can relate in so many ways. I don't shop for clothes but I greatly relied on my credit card for shopping toys hahaha! I want to know how the hell did she end up being a financial adviser!

my shopaholic buddy Frances. This was taken last month, she said she was looking for a Christmas present for her boyfriend but I don't understand why we were at women's clothes and accessories section...

last Christmas, I burned a big hole in my pocket. But nothing to regret. It comes once a year anyway.

This year, I promise I'm gonna save, save, save!