Friday, April 25, 2008

I wonder if anybody noticed that I rarely update my blog nowadays. If you do, then what do you think could be the reason?

  1. I’m too lazy to write something
  2. I’m too busy, can’t find time for this
  3. There’s really no update to write
  4. It’s best keep my activities to myself
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above
And the answer is… well I’ll leave it to your imagination hehehe. But one reason I have is that I rarely get “connected” to the web. Sometimes, ideas keep popping out of my mind and I feel the urge to share them but it’s either I’m not on my PC or online and by the time I am, all those thoughts have already flown away –sigh-.

As for updates (on my life), I think I owe my (very few) readers a lot… So let’s start with the Ozine Fest last April 5. I attended Day 1 and it was… just fine. Don’t blame me if over the years I’ve gotten jaded over local anime conventions held. There’s really nothing new. But of course I can still appreciate some cosplayers, and yes I still approach some to take pics. It runs on every otaku’s system and can’t be taken off by external influences hehehe. The best thing about it though was being able to see my friends which I haven’t seen for a long time. I finally got to meet Aish’ husband Duston. He’s a nice and funny guy and they really look cute together. I wonder if they’re planning to have a baby soon because I’m really rooting for a baby boy hehehe. Going back to the event, the day 1 featured the Group cosplay competition and I really don’t like staying in the event just to watch the group cosplay category. Don’t get me wrong though, I have nothing against group cosplay, how I’d love to join group cosplaying with my friends. It’s just that I find the skits too lame. Honestly, a 5-15 minute skit by a group can get me snoring. Nothing against the cosplayers, the costumes were wonderful but the “stage play” factor is way below my standards. PLUS, that big yakult replica really helped! If I only knew, I would’ve come the second day and I will never stand behind the Yakult booth ever. Still, seeing my friends made coming worth it. And yes, I managed to get a Ruroken doujinshi and a Yuyu Hakusho snap fit model kit hehehe. You can view my Ozine Fest ’08 HERE.

Speaking of toys, I’m currently addicted to gashapons. Well not really, it’s just that a certain series of gashapon caught my attention. And guess what, they are not anime, manga or game related but replica of the human anatomy. I find it really amusing that these anatomical models found their way to gashapon world. But the main reason I liked it is because I was really impressed with the details in relation to its size. Hail to the Japanese toy makers! The major disadvantage of being hooked to gashapon is the blind purchase system. We all know that you can get them at vending machines installed at various toy stores, and there’s no way you wouldn’t end up getting the same design two or more times. But then again, I have already found a sensible solution for that. Hehehe, for this year, friends can expect me to give out gasahpons as birthday presents!