Thursday, May 31, 2012

Updates, updates...

Kyaaahhh! Summer's almost over (in my part of the world), and I haven't updated in a long time! I am so sorry, I'm just the laziest person to go online, but hey y'all, if you're interested, the easiest way to catch me online is through Twitter. It's not like I actively tweet, but if you tweet me, I'd tweet back right away (yuck! did I just use the same word 3 times in one sentence) as compared to poking or PM-ing me in Facebook. I also open my email regularly, so...

There's really nothing much to talk about, really. It's always been work and home, which is not very interesting for you I'm sure :D, I do acknowledge the fact that I still owe a post from my Bicol blog series, the part 3, the final installment, I promise I'd post it before my next major trip this June *pressure* hehehe.

May was not a busy month, but it was eventful! I'm just gonna throw some random stuff I did okay.

I attended Komikon with close friends this Saturday, the last time I attended Komikon was 2007. The event was held in Unilab's Bayanihan center, I loved the venue! Very con-friendly, significantly less stressful than those being held in Megatrade hall. Come to think of it, the past conventions I've committed to attend were held outside the malls. I think that's a good progress. I hope that Komikon would also be a regular event in the checklist of hobbyists. It just feels great that Filipino comic artists are gaining a significant following. God we have overflowing talents that are begging to be appreciated. I think we're still far from the used to be mainstream status of Komiks, but in time, with enough exposure, we will get it back. The best part, as always, was seeing my friends again. Yay!

I've been planning to start this Flat Belly program CD that I got free from Nestle's cereal. Believe me, it's more for safety reason than aesthetic (it's a long explanation and I don't have the time to touch that right now) but my point is, I haven't even started it yet. I think I just continue to gain weight, which is really bad. It's  a reflection on my discipline, and it's one of the things I promised to improve on this year -sigh-

Sad news, Jim Paratore died. He's an executive of The Ellen Degeneres show. He's one of the producers that I really liked (next to Andy Lassner) because I remember when the show won its first Emmy for Best Talkshow, Ellen mentioned in her speech that he convinced station managers that people still want to see her on TV, at a time no one believed her... Thank you Jim, RIP...

Yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy some food supplies (flat belly program -- ack!). It was Savemore by the way. I know I hate SM (environmental and labor ethics reasons), but because it's the only place where I can get Kiwi here (I love Kiwi!), I can't pledge to cross it off my shopping destinations YET.  The store had been out of supply (of Kiwi) for sometime, and when finally it's available, my God the price had went up from P244/Kg to P360/Kg (US$5.5/kg to $8.2/kg). That's crazy! I went ahead and get them anyway, I love it that much :(

I've also been frequenting to Starbucks lately. It's a matter of consequence, I can't talk about it here because it's not my situation, but it reminds me a lot of my own loneliness. I just hope the complicated situation ends up in a positive and peace of mind giving manner. I just want everyone to be happy, demmit!

I missed the Hiten Mitsurugi RK night event. Just when you thought I'm a huge RK fan eh? Of course I am, but the event looks like a reunion of some anime indie bands I've seen during my fangirl hey days hehehe. I was a little curious how old fans are doing, but my curiousity wasn't enough reason to shake off my laziness hehehe. Also, there's an upcoming live action film this summer (northern parts of the world). For some reason, I'm not so excited. I've seen the trailer and a lot of my FB contacts tagged me to the video link, and, I don't know, I feel like I've seen everything I needed to see in Kenshin's life. Perhaps a spin-off series or film or whatever that's official, would get me more curious. I mean, don't get me wrong okay, I love RK from the pit of my hypothalamus. It's great that it's getting a new platform for exposure. I would love for the new generation of anime fans to get to really know it. I'm happy for Watsuki-sensei. I'm just not convinced that the film would offer anything new to me. Next month is Kenshin month by the way, so expect me to upload a Ruroken music box video very soon!

On more trivial stuff, I started going organic. Slowly. I started switching my shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap to organic products. My sister in law is an authorized dealer of Human Heart Nature products. The company is founded by the daughters of Tony Meloto, the founder of Gawad Kalinga Foundation. What I like about the company is their mission to go Pro-environment, Pro-poor and Pro-Philippines. They use natural and harmless ingredients, they are made in the Philippines and the price is cheaper than most organic products available in the market. I easily noticed the difference of organic care products from what I used to use. The shampoo for example has a natural citrus smell (though it doesn't last very long) and the suds are waaayyyy thinner from Head and Shoulders. It's time to stop patronizing big corporations and start supporting small players. 

Part of this move is my intention to help my body and the environment. Aside from switching brands for peronal care products, I have this long time plan to eat more veggies (which I haven't really done yet, but I'm on progress okay). I recently tried Greek cuisine at Cyma, OMG the Roka Salata (salad, mixture of letuce walnut, dried plum and parmesan cheese, poured with Greek vinaigrette) is LOVE! The servings at Cyma is good for 2-3 people. It's so good, I wouldn't mind having it as a main course. I also ordered a vegan cook book online, no I'm not going vegan nor vegetarian. But I really want to work on eating more veggies than meat, I'll just start by assigning a meat-less day/s in a week. Who knows? I hope it works.

Okay, I can't think of anything else anymore, I feel sleepy, that would be all for now.