Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Things to look forward for the rest of 2007

There you go now pips, it's time to enjoy the last two months of the year. Hmmm, I wish I can feel the upbeat. I must admit that the last month had been really boring. But once in a while, I do remember that there will always be something to look forward to at the end of the line (geez I hope so). Well just to remind fellow anicon goers out there, 2 major events are coming: the UP-AME event at the end of the month and Hero TV's fair at the opening of December.

Never forget the special people celebrating their birthdays: Russel (Nov. 11), Mike (Nov.17), Mom (Nov.18), Rosavel (Nov.25), Sherry (Dec.12) and of course our dear Lord on Christmas Day. I have to admit though that I'm not really excited this coming holidays. Honestly, I have given up the notion that adults can actually enjoy Christmas... Don't blame me huh... You'll understand how it feels when you ran out of luck in life -sigh-
In the anime/manga scene, I've been catching up (I guess) at least in certain titles that I've been faithfully following. Finally there were updates in Hunter X Hunetr and Blade of the Immortal, and of course I've been very faithful in tailing XXX Holic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Good news about this titles - major character developments and every shocking thing you'd expect from the manga powerhouse CLAMP! Bad news, I still can't think of a character to cosplay...oh well... and oh yeah, CLAMP in wonderland 2 is another thing to look forward to, this time it features CLAMP titles from 1996 and up. Cool huh.
Now let's get real. Another thing to look forward too, is the 2008 Starbucks Planner. Coffee lovers anyone? Tomorrow is the start of Starbucks stamp collecting and this is something I can't hardly wait hehehe. I've seen the sample planner a couple of days ago and i have to say that it is more handy than the 2007 edition. Plus this time it's sporting a pencil and not a pen... hmmm, I don't think I can use that...and it's a light brown leather this time... generally, it's as cool as the previous planners, something a coffee jerk must not miss!
And there you go, I can't think of anything more. Honestly, why do I feel like that I've been talking nonsense, and it feels like I'm just putting these not so interesting stuff just so I can update my pathetic blog? Ahemm, I believe I mentioned awhile ago that the last month had been a boring one huh.
Well here something worth sharing. I'm really lookin forward for my brother's return. Yesterday he just texted my mom telling that he misses us and that he just came from Tokyo and watched the motorshow, something like that. I have to admit that I miss him, we miss him. It's been more than a month that he left for training and the weekends are not really complete at home when a family member is not around. And I just realized how my parents must have felt whenever I won't come home for weeks.