Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Yay! Amazingly I passed all my major subjects! Thank God, really, I thought I’m going to fail for the first time of my entire life. Luckily, was able to pull it off! Never mind my NSTP, heck I’m not going to enroll it next semester anyway….now comes my major problem, I learned that most of my subjects for the next semester would be scheduled mid-afternoons. I don’t have to worry about Mondays since it’s my day-off but the remaining weekdays… geez, I have to talk to my boss, I hope she can give me a consideration...

Btw, I met up with the PJWFL people last, and that includes Aish and Chris. Also present were Marge, Ness, Vohnel, Winkei. The original plan was to proceed to Baywalk by late afternoon, which made me really excited because I really wanted to bring them there, unfortunately, we were all time-bounded that we didn’t get to follow the plan. Ness had to go before 6pm while Marge was suddenly called up by her family and had to go soon eventually. Winkei also had to go soonbecause she’s coming from Marikina. So Aish, Chris, Vohnel and I just went to Worlds of Fun and to sing in karaoke booths hehehe. Whew, it’s been so long, 2 years, since I sang with them hahaha,I had fun though it was too bad that I had to go soon too due to work demands. They're pretty much the same old rabid friends and it felt refreshing that I get to go hang out with them with all those stressors I encounter with my working student life hehehe…

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



It's been revealed that director Hayao Miyazaki will present three new animation projects at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka city on January 23rd. Titles of 2 of the shorts have been revealed. The 1st work to debut is his long planned Kemushi No Boro (Boro the Caterpillar) which was announced at the Tokyo International Film Festival this weekend. The second confirmed animation is Mizugumo Monmon. Each has a running time of about 15 mintues. A wider theatrical release is currently not being planned. It's been known since the beginning of 2005 that Miyazaki was working on storyboards for these shorts. Information on a third and 4th unconfirmed short to possibly screen in the museum have been discussed. One of these is Hoshi wo Katta Hi which was reported to have been talked about by Naohisa Inoue whos says the short will be based on his "Iblard" story. Yet another is said to take place on a river, in a past time when ships were used to transport goods. Official details on the screening are to be announced by Studio Ghibli in November.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Haay, thank God that our pre-ass audit was through. We here at the office took our vacation leave yesterday. We’ve been rendering straight duty last weeks. I can’t believe that I stayed in the office working for straight 25 hours! Well, not really straight, I took a snooze for more than an hour. But it was really a major energy vacuum..

Anyways, I went home to my province (Tanay, Rizal) yesterday and now I feel a little refreshed… and I’ve been really longing for my bed there hehehe, I’ve always say this but I’ll say it again, there’s no place like home… ah...

I have good news, I just learned that Kodansha will animate XXX Holic! Again, I’m so friggin’ excited! But then again, I haven’t even finished watching TRC and here comes another CLAMP series that I’ve been following hehehe. There’s also a bad news though, my Typography is at stake… and I don’t want to tell the details, all I could do is pray *sigh* anyways… it’s been so long that I didn’t talk to Chris through phone, the last time was more than 2 months I think. Also, Aish let me organize the next PJWFL EB this coming Saturday… I’m excited to see them… I miss my friends… I miss hanging out… By the way, I finally had my hair cut, I’ll be posting some new pics soon. I’m bidding goodbye to my hair, so I’m posting one last haggard looking hair hehehe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It’s 12:25 am and I’m still here in the office. Just finished producing DRRF for QMS documents. I don’t want to bother explaining what are those, they’re not interesting anyway, I just feel good I’ve done my work haay. I’m so tired.

Yesterday, I slept past 1:00 in the morning doing my plates and I woke up before 6 to continue… and I’m so happy I’ve finally submitted my final plates for my 4 major subjects. 2 more to go *sigh* but it felt good being “unloaded”… and that damn boring Typography is a major dilemma for me! I thought I’m gonna die.

We did a face casting, imagine my face plastered! Hay, the first try was a disaster, I think some plaster of Paris entered my ears… gosh if something happens to me as a result of this face cast, I don’t know what I’ll do =’(.

By the way I bought a Sasuke costume, and it’s really cool. I bought it so I can have a “back-up” just in case I don’t get to push through with Subaru (due to lack of time to look for accessories) Damn it costed me P1850… guess I’ll just have to defer buying the Roy Mustang toy =’(…

Jona’s wedding is on November 8, and I heard that I’ll be her maid of honor *ahem* it’s just a rumor, I haven’t confirm it from her… gosh, I think I’m gonna cry on her wedding day… come to think of it, we’ve been together for so long. Starting from college, we took entrance exams together, made it to scholarship together, graduate together, and even work together (in both companies I’ve been!) and we live together in a room we’re renting right now. And it’s been almost 2 weeks that she’s not coming home, she’s staying at her boyfriend’s place… and this time, I really miss her, and I’m sure I’m gonna be missing her…

aww, my hair sucks! I badly need a haircut, next week, it’s a must! And I need to lessen eating!

Monday, October 03, 2005

It’s Sunday but I’m here in the office working, and I haven’t eaten my lunch *sigh* I miss my blonde hair =’( I need a haircut…

Right now I’m listening to the songs of Eraserheads, so many local bands are sprouting nowadays but there’s no one compares to the music of e-heads, AT LEAST FOR ME… it’s too bad they didn’t survive the industry, for whatever personal reasons… listening to their music reminds me of my highschool days, though I could barely count the most vivid ones…at least, their songs wouldn’t remind me of anything that’d make me sad, so I’m indulging myself on it…

Going back to my work, whenever I’d compare my whole day stay at the school versus my whole day stay at the office, I couldn’t help wishing I were a fulltime student. But what am I to do when I’m the one supporting my almost all of my expenses. *sigh* but I’m really tired. Anyway, this was my choice so I shouldn’t rant too much. Besides, sembreak is 2 weeks to go, yay! Speaking of sembreak, I just learned from a highschool friend, that even highschool students are also having a semestral break! Damn, that’s not fair, maybe it’s being practiced in selected schools only, but I never experienced a sembreak during highschool and elementary, only x-mas vacations… speaking of Christmas, 3 months to go and… yay! I’m posting my wishlist for Christmas!!!! Read this, read this!!!

Kid’s Christmas Wishlist:
DVD Copy of “Otaku No Video”
“Kodomo no Omocha: anime series
DVD Copy of “Kid’s Return”
DVD Copy of “CLAMP School Detectives”
CLAMP No Kiseki
Newtype USA magazine (latest issue)
PG 1/60 Wing Gundam 0-custom model kit
MG 1/100 Wing Gundam 0-custom model kit
Fullmetal Alchemist Action figures
Cloud Strife action figure
Rurouni Kenshin Story figures series 2 and 3
CLAMP Northside artbook
Any book on the life and works of Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali
Any book on the History of Arts
Novels by Laura Joh-Rowland